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Project Consulting Services

Artemis Alliance provides consulting services to customers who have focused, critical problems in our primary practice areas, and who are in need of greater perspective, skills, or experience not available within their own organization.

Our project consulting includes general project work, project audits, architecture evaluations, process evaluations, product selections, staff augmentation, mentoring in any of our skill concentrations, and similar engagements. Our customers benefit from our experienced, senior consultants working on their most challenging issues. Consulting engagements may only focus on one or two significant problems or cover a project in its entirety. Our tenet is to bring the right resource(s) with the right skill(s) in at the right time. We work with our client to define the right vehicle for delivery of results Ė some combination of mentoring, written reports, presentations, and project success Ė and the right audience. We focus on continual communication, aim for early delivery of preliminary findings and drafts, and include our client in review and refinement of results.

In situations where our clientís have business critical projects, but are unable to fill critical leadership roles, we provide project leadership. Artemis Alliance provides senior consultants and practitioners (analysts and developers) in extended full or part-time engagements whose role is to lead the project to success. Throughout this assignment, mentoring is a focus to bring our customerís staff/team to a desired skill level. In all leadership engagements, we share responsibility with our client for defining project goals, means and accountability, and for overall project execution.

For clients who canít or donít wish to build the required software engineering team or environment for a project, Artemis executes projects or highly specialized elements of projects on an outsourced basis. As always, we work with our customer to define project goals, means and accountability, but assume overall responsibility for management, execution, and ultimate success of the project or segment.

Other clients utilize our resources throughout the life cycle of large projects to bring external perspective, specialized knowledge and a depth of industry specific experience (in business rules management and advanced distributed technologies).


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