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Who We Are

Artemis Alliance originally started as a software consulting, integration and development firm in 1993. Based in St. Paul, we provided services nationwide to a wide range of companies and government agencies and competed effectively with multi-million dollar consulting and system integration firms. Along the way, we received a number of prestigious awards including Deloitte and Touche’s Fast 500 Companies and later their Fast 50 Companies and Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. Our reputation is excellent and allowed us to retain clients over the years and expand the company primarily through referral business.

As Artemis evolved over time, and the needs of our clients began to change, Artemis changed with them. We switched from applying industry standard software development methods and technologies across multiple industries to a focus on specific technologies within targeted industries. We also switched from consulting on an outsourced/turnkey basis to partnering with our clients and delivering our services in collaboration with a client’s internal technology department. Our close work with clients and our industry vision drove our latest change--to a business rules practice.

Due to our focus on business rules, rules engines, and related projects, Artemis created the Business Rules User Group (BRUG). We created BRUG after having met with multiple companies and realizing that there was no central venue to support communication or networking related to this critical topic and technology. Meetings are generally held every other month and have been met with overwhelming, nationwide interest and support. BRUG provides a setting for both business and technical members to gain and share knowledge about business rule technologies, projects, and initiatives.

There is one thing that will never change. Artemis is and will always be a full-service consulting firm committed to our clients and to our unique approach to the consulting business. We develop solutions with our clients that will meet their business objectives, insure that they have the mentoring, training and skills to manage and update the final products, and then we leave.


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